Unable to Upload

20 Feb, 2018 17:37
Have tried several times today to upload an image with the same result; "ERR_CONNECTION_RESET".  Anyone else experiencing this?
Edited 20 Feb, 2018 17:55
20 Feb, 2018 18:10
Is the image larger than 100 MB?
20 Feb, 2018 18:19
Yes, 125MB
20 Feb, 2018 18:32
Well even tho AstroBin says that there are no limits in the upload, that means that there are no artificial limits. But 100 MB is a practical limit. Do you have an actual need to upload such a large file?
20 Feb, 2018 19:03
I guess not but it has not been an issue previously.
20 Feb, 2018 19:04
Are you sure? I've had the 100 MB limit up for years…
20 Feb, 2018 19:10
Positive…check out my Veil Mosaic as an example - its 181,811 kb in size.  I have just been uploading images from PixInsight saved as PNG files.  Any suggestions on how to make them smaller in size, beside saving as JPG and using that instead?
20 Feb, 2018 19:16
On PNG I’m pretty sure you can apply lossless compression. I don’t remember how it’s done in PI tho. But t 125 mb is huuuuge unless it’s a 180 degree mosaic 😁
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