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Upload Issue - Details, Gear, Dates and such FIXED!

03 May, 2019 21:33
Hi Salvatore,

Sorry to bother but when upload new image and try to add details after first page when say go to gear it redirects to homepage with no data saved other than uploaded image. When look at big wall I see I not only person this occur with so I just think let you know. I try three times with same result and also reboot computer as think perhaps cacheing issue but no success. Thanks and again sorry to bother.

Edited 04 May, 2019 21:29
03 May, 2019 21:38
Same here, I cannot update the description of one of my old pictures after I uploaded a new revision. As soon as I click to save the modifications it redirects me to the Homepage without applying the modifications I have made.
Edited 03 May, 2019 21:39
03 May, 2019 21:39
Same here - I am instantly redirected to the homepage when saving changes, and on another machine I'm unable to login at all.
03 May, 2019 22:08
Ditto….same problem here.
04 May, 2019 03:55
Ditto for me!!!

Cheers Kurt smile
04 May, 2019 06:16
Sorry, last night I pushed an upgrade that obviously had some issues. Rolled it back now and I will investigate those issues off-line.
04 May, 2019 13:02

Just to let you know… I couldn't login last night, I kept being sent back to the login page.

I hope this helps you with your troubleshooting.
Miguel   8-)
Edited 04 May, 2019 13:03
04 May, 2019 18:51
I uploaded an image as well but I got no errors that it uploaded, it's not showing on my list of images and the upload attempt appears to have counted against my 10 image limit. smile
nevermind….it’s there now
Edited 04 May, 2019 21:34
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