Very Slow Astrobin response

01 May, 2018 21:27
Hi all,
I'm experiencing very slow response in Astrobin pages.
I'm in Italy with a 100 Mbit Internet connection, but sometimes loading an image (mainly when I want to see the full scale picture) takes several seconds or a few minutes (for the bigger ones).

Are there problems on the server?

Thank you

Edited 02 May, 2018 20:19
01 May, 2018 22:51
I have this problem all the time.  I also get a lot of errors when using the search feature.  It seems as though the request hits one server and gets a 404 or a "sorry, nothing found" type message, and then you refresh or click search a couple of times and it works.
07 May, 2018 10:34
This is related to this other thread so I'm closing this so we can continue the discussion there. I am fixing this issue today anyway.
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