What has happened to my image???

19 Feb, 2018 08:30
Hi Astrobin, I have an issue to report with my most recent image.  I uploaded IC2177 LRGB as image number 334167 at about mid day on 18 Feb (GMT + 11), and received 16 likes up until mid day today (19 Feb).

I see that image number 334167 is now titled M27, by Christopher Henrich.

All signs of my image have been wiped from Astrobin.

I hope this can be ressolved with no detriment to either Christopher Henrich, or myself.

Thank you,

19 Feb, 2018 08:35
Hi Tom,
please read this:


I am very sorry about the inconvenience, but everything that happened between approximately February 18 at 2 AM GMT and February 19 at 2 AM GMT has been lost.
19 Feb, 2018 08:48
Hi Salvatore,

Thank you for the heads up.  Easy fixed from my side.

All the best,

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