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Wrong color profile

12 Nov, 2018 09:22
The  colors of my full frame image are not displayed correctly. Apparently, this ICC profile issue was raised several months ago… and nobody cares.

Edited 12 Nov, 2018 09:30
12 Nov, 2018 09:31
AstroBin does not strip color profile information from the image, so it's just depending on what your browser does when displaying the image. Try to open the same image that sits on your disk (the one that you uploaded) using your browser (drag and drop on a new browser tab) and see if it's still different..
12 Nov, 2018 09:53
Dear Salvatore.
It is very strange. I checked it a few moments ago and the colors seem to be correct now. But a few hours ago, when I uploaded the image, the colors were wrongly displayed. I checked with a friend on another computer, and he also noticed the color profile difference.
12 Nov, 2018 10:33
Hi Salvatore.

A few of us noticed problems with ICC profiles recently:

Perhaps the circumstances under which this happens are complex but I'm pretty sure it does happen.

03 Mar, 2019 18:43

I confirm, there is a problem. And it's not only the ICC profile that is removed, other metadata are removed to.

I downloaded my uploaded image and opened it in Photoshop. There is no ICC profile. And yes, I checked my original file, it contains a profile.

As Rick mentioned, there are a few persons here who noticed this problem.


04 Mar, 2019 14:45
Yes, I've also found that the colour profile is not having any effect. I have tried dragging the same file to a browser tab and it displays exactly the same as the Photoshop/Pixinsight version. But the version on Astrobin is different ;-(

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