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change screen name

08 May, 2019 20:15
Hi ,

Is it posible that my screen name Imoto changed to my real name Martijn van Seggelen?

thnx in advance
09 May, 2019 10:34
Yes, I can do it for you, but spaces are now allowed. Would you rather have all the words together or separated by a dot or dash or underscore?
09 May, 2019 18:49
Hi Salvatore ,

Thank you , like this is perfect .

Edited 09 May, 2019 18:51
10 May, 2019 11:19
Like "what" exactly?  smile
10 May, 2019 18:51
The name before it was Imoto now it is Martijn van Seggelen ,like the way i wanted it .
13 May, 2019 13:01
Ok so no action needed smile
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