When adding my gear I noticed some big inconsistencies with the way gear is named.  For example, when I was adding my tak (their product name for it is FSQ-106EDX4).

When adding it I see several things that are "close", such as FSQ-106EDX IV, FSQ106 EDXIV, and FSQ106 EDX IV.  Not to mention the ones where the whole name is in the manufacturer tag (Takahashi FSQ-106EDX IV), all of which I think are optically equivalent to the other generations of the EDX (maybe?)

Is there any way to coalesce these similar pieces of equipment into one item?  On the gear "card" I see a comment that says "(no alias)" - is that something that would help?

Mostly because I see a couple of images under the different variations, but can't figure out a more "robust" search.


Edited 19 Apr, 2018 17:37