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Filter selection for osc

24 Sep, 2019 15:27
Hello Astrobiners …
i need help about filter selection for osc.
my setup is esprit 120 with zwo  294mcpro color camera and Optolong L enhance filter. The Narrowband filter is great for emission Nebulaes but for other targets like Galaxy’s and others Dso ? I thinking that a good solution will be a light pollution filter my sky is bortle 5 but near in my backyard passes highway soI have light pollution problem … Thank you all in advance…
24 Sep, 2019 20:03
Hi Stratos

My set up is the evostar 100ED and I use the LeNhance filter too. Same comments for this filter, great for nebulas but not for galaxys. I've been using a DSLR, though I just bought the 294MC Pro and expect delivery today .  smile

You may want to find out the kind of light used on the highway as that will help identify the wavelength you need to block. Typically they are sodium or more recently LED. Sometimes a call to your municipality can eventually get you the answer.

I am in Bortle 8 and I find some success with the IDAS LPS P2 filter. I am not near a highway but with Bortle 8 it is a buffet of wavelengths overhead smile

- Phil
24 Sep, 2019 20:48
Hello Phil and thank you for your response…
I wish you clear skies and to enjoy the 294  smile
It’s a very good camera with low noise reading…
The light pillars from highway are orange not recently added… I read good reviews for L pro 2 filter with osc and I’m considering to purchase it … for sure had some opinions that saids that the L pro 2 filter cuts significant wavelength from galaxys and nebulaes too …
The only sure is that we don’t have manyy options …

Stratos S.
Edited 24 Sep, 2019 20:53
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