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Index disappears every time I receive an image like

28 Sep, 2018 00:37
Every time I get a like on an image, my Astrobin Index goes to zero.  I have read the FAQ and there is certainly nothing about this.  My index goes completely to zero for days, sometimes weeks.  It gets very annoying and I really don't feel like this is supposed to be the intended behavior.  Can someone please clarify for me why this is happening?  Or fix it?  smile
28 Sep, 2018 17:21
its obviously an issue, I will look into it.
28 Sep, 2018 22:16
I don't even know where to find my index, where is it?

28 Sep, 2018 22:22
Just right of your name, in the upper right corner. It looks like "Carastro xx.yy * zz" where xx.yy is your index and zz the number of your followers.
Edited 28 Sep, 2018 22:23
28 Sep, 2018 22:25
Thanks, I never even noticed that before.

29 Sep, 2018 09:46
You're not missing much Carole. The index system is flawed and hasn't been working properly in months anyway. Quite frankly I think it should be scrapped, it's really pointless….
Edited 29 Sep, 2018 09:49
06 Oct, 2018 08:09
Salvatore Iovene
Hi,its obviously an issue, I will look into it.

Thanks! Please update when you plan to deploy a patch/release.
12 Oct, 2018 15:09
Hi Salvatore,
did upload two images today and the ab-index went down by approx. half an index point.
Maybe this current example helps investigating the issue.
Thanks & CS
15 Oct, 2018 03:17
Honestly, I understand why you implemented the index system but it’s implementation ends up making the site very frustrating to use.

Clearly there is benefit to preventing people from creating accounts to issue likes to images. But there are better methods to restrict this, including something as simple as a 30 day initial period where new users can’t issue image likes.  Improved account verification steps could also be introduced.  You can prevent the concerns you were trying to address without all the confusion and frustration the index system causes. You don’t even have to scrap the index system as a ranking system, just change the feature slightly to eliminate the issues.   smile
Edited 15 Oct, 2018 03:21
04 Apr, 2019 11:26
Hello, I got the same issue.  10 days ago my index jumped to almost 2 and a few days later it was 0 again. Why did that happen?
05 Oct, 2019 06:26
I have the same problem. but nice to see I'm not the only one.
I thought little it was if I gave too many like.
I would have written about help on this issue, but I couldn't. I didn't think I could make another question
05 Oct, 2019 07:41
Here after reworking a picture I got about 45 likes and my abindex remained virtually the same.
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