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Kstars and the Ekos module-no imagery

30 Mar, 2019 19:56
I have recently installed Kstars on a Macbook Pro, the Ekos module controls the mount perfectly and has properly identified the imaging camera however, I am unable to collect images. I see live camera data such as the temperature and the status reports as online and ready however, once I command Ekos to begin capturing images, all indications are a go but there are no images. The status window shows 0 of XXX completed (X is the number of images I selected) so, any ideas?
Edited 30 Mar, 2019 20:02
03 Apr, 2019 09:32
I see you set Alkaid as "Prefix" but there is no file name ( "Script" ). So it doesn't know how to name your file, I suppose.

I hope it helps
Edited 03 Apr, 2019 09:32
03 Apr, 2019 09:38
That is a seriously worthy observation! I will correct that on the next cloudless night and report back! Thank you
16 May, 2019 15:47
Well like many busy Astro-photographers it took a while to get back this exercise smile adding a script did not resolve the problem. I am taking images using the ZWO software called ASI Cap but I still want to use Kstars. Anyhow, I am now waiting for tech support to reply back after having sent them a Ekos log file. Will report back with further details.
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