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phpBB integration

03 Jul, 2018 11:16

I am the running the danish forum, astronet
astronet is based on phpBB.

Many of astronet’s users are using astrobin, and I would like to start using astrobin’s API, to display astronet users most recent astrobin images.

So before I start, I would like to hear if anyone here know of or have made a mod/extension to phpBB, that interfaces with astrobin’s REST API?
Edited 03 Jul, 2018 21:31
12 Sep, 2018 14:39
!BUMP! Not anyone? Would anyone be interested in participating in making an open source project on GitHub?
30 Oct, 2018 15:04
Just wanted to let you know, that I have made some php and sql coding myself.

On my forum's main page,, my forum users, that have entered their AstroBin id, will have their latest pictures shown.

So far, only two users have added their AstroBin userid to their profile settings, it's quite new on the forum. I hope that more will join.
Edited 30 Oct, 2018 15:06
30 Oct, 2018 16:18
Hi Rudi, nice job!

Only a problem tho: hot-linking AstroBin images is not allowed by the terms of service. Could you please change the links so that they point to the AstroBin page instead of the bare image?

30 Oct, 2018 16:36
Yes, off course. Sorry for that.

Im not sure, that I know what you mean?
Can you please show an example.
31 Oct, 2018 05:18
After a good nights sleep, I think I know what you mean:

It’s ok that I display images, thumbnail, medium size or full size. But when making a clickable url, it should link to the astrobin page and not directly to the full image?

So in stead of this link:

I should link to:

Did I get that right?
31 Oct, 2018 05:51
Yes that’s what I mean. Thanks in advance!
31 Oct, 2018 06:18
Ok. I’ll fix it soon. Will let you know heee when done.
31 Oct, 2018 10:26
Salvatore, I have updated now, please let me know if it violates any terms of service, and I will correct it ;-)
31 Oct, 2018 10:28
Hi Rudi,
I still see the same as before. If I go to and click an image, I'm redirected to the image as served from the CDN, and not the AstroBin page with the technical details, comments, etc.
31 Oct, 2018 10:45
Hi Salvatore,

Sorry, I missed that page  smile

I was fixing a similar issue on the front page it selv, If you scroll down, there's also AstroBin images in the bottom of the middle coloumn  smile

Both should be updated now, thanks for the help .
31 Oct, 2018 11:44
Awesome, thanks for your cooperation!
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