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Searching images for camera and telescope combination

31 Oct, 2019 21:54
Hello All,
Could someone point me in the right direction to search images using a specific camera and scope.  I can search images using sw 130pds  or ASI 1600mm cool but I can’t seem to figure out how to search with both of the criteria at the same time?

01 Nov, 2019 08:24
Write both names in the search field?
06 Nov, 2019 19:34
That doesn't seem to work.  The search facility doesn't seem the best, it really could do with cross reference searching.
06 Nov, 2019 20:01
Hi Mike,

Here is the search string I came up with:

Cheers, Nico
06 Nov, 2019 20:47
That doesn't seem to work.  The search facility doesn't seem the best, it really could do with cross reference searching.

I think it will be better with the overhaul to the equipment database that Salvatore is working on. The main problem now is substitute entries when people can just enter things free form.

In the mean time, I often use Google search to find what I am looking for on Astrobin. For example, to find the best search term for the SW 130 PDS, I entered "SW 130 PDS astrobin" in to google search. I clicked on the first link in the google search results. Then on astrobin I clicked "view more" to find there were 411 images with this search term: "SkyWatcher 130/650 PDS Newton" because that is the exact match in the equipment database that the most imagers use for that scope. I then did a google search for "ASI 1600 astrobin". Looking at the top three results, the third result down was "ZWO ASI-1600MM Cool" and had the most images (4799). Combining these two search strings give you: SkyWatcher 130/650 PDS Newton ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool, which results in 19 images from 4 users. This sounds complex, but it really only took me a minute or two. The problem is because of duplicates in the equipment database, there are probably more than 19 images with this combination. Once we can de-dup the database, it should be better.
06 Nov, 2019 21:06
Thanks for this…I now need to try and get my head round the process!  smile
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