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technical fiche

06 Oct, 2019 15:14
I have at the moment an Astrobin Free subscription. I have filled in all my aquipment on the site. For some reason it does not apear in the technical fiche. Is it my kind of subscription or anything else I do wrong. Thanks smile
Edited 06 Oct, 2019 15:15
06 Oct, 2019 19:09
The technical card, from memory, is not displayed for all image types. In "edit basic settings" check the image type is correct.
07 Oct, 2019 20:25
I still don't understand I have filled in the form with my equipment  and it does not apear under my photo's.
Only magaged it with my first photo smile
Edited 07 Oct, 2019 20:28
08 Oct, 2019 05:00
Equipment is not shown if your image type is "other". Your images should be of "deep sky" type, I don't know why you selected Other. Use the Edit menu to change them.
09 Oct, 2019 07:21
Thanks Salvatore! smile
I will try that the next time.
09 Oct, 2019 07:22
Hi Hans,
you don't need to wait for next time. You can also change your current image using the Edit menu.
09 Oct, 2019 08:45
Hi Salvatore.
Thanks a lot it works smilesmile
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