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Total integration

10 Oct, 2019 13:37
What does this mean on the Trending Astrophotgraphers listing?

I have a very low score, yet every day I go onto the site and like images, join in discussions, make comments etc etc and I have 267 images with lots of likes, so just wondering why I have such a low total integration.

I only appear at the bottom of the last 6 months list with an integration score of 3.08.
No idea what i am on the other listings as I have never made it onto the chart.

Which also reminds me Salvatore, you were going to make  Index's  viewable for last six months, and last year so you don't have to wait to be listed to know what your score is.

Edited 10 Oct, 2019 14:27
10 Oct, 2019 16:24
Hi Carole,

Integration = exposure in this context. Total integration just totals the number of sub-exposures * duration of subs for all the images you've ever posted. Planetary imagers and users who choose not to use that part of the form when submitting images will have low total integration. I think it's just listed on the trending astrophotographers page for informational purposes. My understanding from previous posts is that the "index" which is how the trending astrophotographers page is ranked is only a reflection of the # of images / # of likes. So the top "trending astrophotographers" will have many images with many likes, but it's possible to get on the list with fewer images if each image has garnered lots of likes.

Cheers, Nico
10 Oct, 2019 17:27
Thanks Nico, that makes sense then as I tend to write all that information in the description, too fiddly to put it in the boxes especially as I use a dual rig and sometimes multi sessions.   I thought it was integration in involvement in Astrobin.

10 Oct, 2019 21:08
Total integration times means nothing…. the most important is the quality of the pic you made.

A F 15 Telescope will have a very long total integration time because it is a VERY SLOW system… againts a Fast RASA will have an incredible low integration time … both can make incredible and nice pics ( harder with the RASA )..

So … total integration time is meaningless.

Appling a good image processing and good taste to it it is of course more important.

Luis   CS.
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