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Anyone Purchase a Home Dome from Technical Innovations?

20 Mar, 2018 04:25
I am planning on having an observatory dome placed on the garage roof of my new home in Orlando, Florida.  Technical Innovations (TI) makes such domes and also happens to be located in Orlando.   My plan is to have a permanent pier built up to the floor of the garage attic and then have a dormer constructed on the roof to give me more space and have a 6' dome placed on it to use my C11" SCT.  TI said this could all be done by a good builder.  My question for now is:  Has anyone bought a home dome from TI and if you have had any issues with it?

20 Mar, 2018 14:53
I have a 6' TI dome that I purchased used from Light Buckets, it has woked well at my remote site since 2012. The newer slit drive and rotation drives are more    reliable than the older models. Things have worked well. It gets cold on the mountain and both the slit and rotation have frozen after a rain, but jogging both the slit and the rotation freed things up… I am building a 16" F/3 astrograph for the dome. There is very little roon in the6' dome with a modest sized scope, OK for CCD imaging but will be an issue for visual.. Regards, Dave
Edited 21 Mar, 2018 18:41
21 Mar, 2018 15:46
I purchased a 10’ dome from TI and was very happy with it. I saw “was” as it’s in the house my ex-wife lives in. Other than that it was great. Especially when they matched the color to my house.
21 Mar, 2018 18:22
Thanks both for your input!

David - good to hear about your experience with TI .  Is your scope larger than 11"?  I am debating between a 6' vs. 10' dome.
21 Mar, 2018 21:07
I had a 10” Meade Lx200R on a wedge. At the time I was doing a lot of visual work and then eventually got into imaging. It was above an attic rec room, so I made it very habitable with carepeting, stereo speakers and such. It would have been tight to have anyone in there with a 6’ dome. The one I had was perfect. I could have 4 or more people checking out the night sky with no problem.
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