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Astrobin Index do not Running

05 Jul, 2019 10:25
Liebe Astrofreunde
Ich poste nun hier im Forum weil keine meiner Beschwerden ernst genommen werden.  Seit der Veröffentlichung meiner 5 Bilder mit 350 Liks und insgesamt 15 neuen Followers, generiert sich mein Index nicht richtig. Ich bin nun bestimmt bestimmt bei 1000 Likes die nicht in meinen Index gezählt haben. Dieses Problem besteht immer wieder über eine längere Zeit. Ich hab nun Heute einen Index von 153,01. Morgen steigt es ev wieder etwas, und zack bin ich wieder auf 152,30 oder so. Irgendwie zählen auch neue Follower nicht mehr!!!!!
Hat jemand von Euch auch dieses Problem? Dann bräuchten wir auch keinen Index mehr wenn es eh nicht zählt zu liken oder Follower zu bekommen..!!!???
Salvatore habe ich deswegen insgesamt schon 4 mal angeschrieben. Passiert ist bis heute jedoch nichts!

Clear Sky euer Caspar
Dear Astro FriendsI post here now in the forum because none of my complaints are taken seriously. Since the release of my 5 pictures with 350 licks and a total of 15 new followers, my index is not generating properly. I'm definitely determined at 1000 likes that did not count in my index. This problem is always over a longer time. Today I have an index of 153.01. Tomorrow it will rise a bit again, and I'll be back for 152.30 or so. Somehow, new followers do not count anymore !!!!!
Does any of you have this problem? Then we would not need an index anymore if it does not matter to like or follower .. !!! ???
That's why I wrote to Salvatore 4 times. Nothing has happened yet!
Edited 06 Jul, 2019 10:20
05 Jul, 2019 11:15
Hi Caspar,

I have noticed the same thing happening. I finally have had some clear weather and have been able to capture several images. I have posted them  over the past couple of weeks and like you, I have added new followers and many views and likes and yet my index remains the same. I f this is not going to work properly then I suggest it being removed all together as it is obviously working for some but not others. I have posted on this in the past but it continues to happen.

CS/ Bob smile
Edited 05 Jul, 2019 22:50
05 Jul, 2019 16:51
I do not take the index seriously. It goes up and down without any logic, but I dont care 🙂

CS, Robert
05 Jul, 2019 21:09
Salvatore has chimed in on these concerns in the past.  The index is not a sum of likes or other activity.  I find that as you get a higher index you will need more likes on a given image before the total index increases.  Something like you need to continue beating your prior performance to advance the number.

I suspect he does not divulge the exact algorithm to prevent attempts to game the system.

05 Jul, 2019 22:42
Surely it shouldn't go backwards though.

06 Jul, 2019 02:31
Agree with Carole,

Uploading a new image getting my average number of likes and then seeing a drop in index by 1 or 2 is rather odd.

06 Jul, 2019 10:00
Thank you for your answers :-) Apparently I'm not alone! I will continue to post my pictures without expecting my index to increase properly. My incentive was once under the top100 to come ;-). But with Likes, Followers etc that does not work. It might have a different rating ago, which is not about likes. Maybe a kind of image rating of 1-10 ????Best regards Caspar smile
06 Jul, 2019 11:17
Surely it shouldn't go backwards though.Carole

I don't really know how the index is calculated (indeed, I'm not all that intereted), but if it incorporated some sort of 'average' then you would expect it to go down when a new image is added, since the total number of likes (numerator) is being divided by the larger number of images (denominator).  You need to reach (or exceed) your usual level before the index would climb again.  I don't think the score is updated immediately so there may well be some 'lag'.

I'm pretty sure it isn't just an average, though.

But, why worry about it?
Edited 06 Jul, 2019 11:17
06 Jul, 2019 13:04

You're right. It should not worry me anymore. How exactly now the index is calculated, I do not care now. I was amazed how fast some came up in the Hirarchie although fewer pictures and likes. smile
06 Jul, 2019 19:25
Caspar Schumann
I was amazed how fast some came up in the Hirarchie although fewer pictures and likes.
Yes that puzzles me too.

But I notice it does go up with likes - not an average - but it takes quite a lot of likes to go up a number and as Steve says it doesn't usually update until overnight.

06 Jul, 2019 20:38
The only thing that puzzles me is that my index is going up, and then it's going to fall again enormously. Salvatore will fix that, I'm sure of that!
07 Jul, 2019 20:27
seht ihr es jetzt? Trotz weit über 100 Likes ist mein Index von 153,85 wieder auf 152, 61 gesunken…. Warum?? ich verstehe es einfach nicht :-))))
so geht es seit einem halben Jahr schon haha…
Edited 07 Jul, 2019 20:29
08 Jul, 2019 08:00
Casper, where can you see another person's Astrobin index, I can only see my own, even if I am in your gallery?

08 Jul, 2019 11:26
Carole you see it in Trending Astrofotographers :-)
08 Jul, 2019 14:56
Caspar Schumann
Carole you see it in Trending Astrofotographers :-)
Only if you have made it far enough to actually get on the Trending Astrohotographers list.  Lol

I am still far below that on 130.74

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