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Preparing a moon atlas - thoughts, tips, ...?

09 Aug, 2018 23:29

as stated in the headline, I am planning to prepare the "Moon atlas" in my local language. It should cover the Lunar 100, the most interesting features of the moon, as well as to introduce the surface characteristics, riles, mountains, rimae, etc, each with a picture and an explanation of the feature. I already have in my mind how shall the book look like, and I have a good friend who is doing the book designs.
Now, I don't think I have enough money to buy equipment and make my own pictures of the moon. What are my alternatives? Using free images from NASA? Acquiring some good quality photos from the astrobin members?
What are your thoughts about it? Thank you for your replies.
16 Aug, 2018 17:01
It depends on how much detail you plan to have in your book.  Images of the moon from earth are limited in what can be seen and how much detail.
If I were doing this I'd start using Google Earth's moon surface view and work through maybe the top ten features.  You can take screenshots and use them as placeholders while you prepare your drafts and it will give you a good idea of the scale and quality of the images you need to find.

Remember that for every image you use you will need to get the rights to use them for publication and to credit all image owners.

All the best

17 Aug, 2018 17:56
Thank you Michael. I want to cover the 100 of the most prominent moon surface details, called Lunar 100. Also, I am well aware of the copyrights and thank you for emphasizing that.

Anyone else any other thoughts?
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