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subscription plans

22 Jan, 2018 14:15
With the Free plan, you get 10 images, with the lite plan you get 12. Does this mean when you sign up for the lite, do you then have 12 or 22 image spaces? Then after 1 year, you would then get another 12? For a total of either 24 or 34? Sorry just trying to figure things out, and seeing how many new targets I may actually squire each year.
22 Jan, 2018 18:33
for every year that you buy a Lite subscription, you would have "X + 12" images, where X is the number of images you currently have. If you have 0 and buy Lite right away, you only get 12. So I suggest you first use up your first 10, then buy Lite to get 12 image uploads. Each time that you renew your membership, you get 12 more, so you can keep expanding your gallery.
22 Jan, 2018 19:39
Excellent, so I have used my 10, and my next object I will then buy a lite plan, and get 12 more. Thank you for the clarification.
10 Mar, 2018 05:29
Salvatore…..if this is so, why does my images used say 1/``12 .  Last year I did not upload any images so I should still have an additional 12.  Many of my images were uploaded when the site was free.  Do these count against my total.  Just wondering.
10 Mar, 2018 06:39
Hi, you bought Lite and uploaded one image since. So you you have used 1 out of the 12 slots that now you have available to be used during the course of your subscription. When you renew at the end, your counter will again read 0/12.
10 Mar, 2018 15:20
but in the prior year, 2017, i bought Lite and did not upload any images, so I lost all 12 of those slots.  In other words, if I dont use the slots in the year purchased, they are gone, is that correct.
10 Mar, 2018 15:23
Yes, you buy 12 slots to be used in the time frame of the subscription, i.e. 12 months. If this was not clear, I will be happy to give you a refund!

PS: there will be changes to the subscription plans sometime this year, and Lite as it is will be changed. It's too complicated, I admit that.
10 Mar, 2018 15:27
It just seems that unused slots should carryover to the next year, as long as the subscription remains current.  Of course, if someone no longer subscribes, then they would loose unused slots.  Keep up the good work.!!
16 Mar, 2018 02:54
Wow that's kind of strange.. to purchase lite total of 12 slots then lose them if  they don't use them. Thats not right, once a customer purchase the 12 slots (lite) then its should be up to the customer when and how they wish to use them.
08 Jun, 2018 12:26

"Salvatore Iovene"PS: there will be changes to the subscription plans sometime this year, and Lite as it is will be changed. It's too complicated, I admit that.
Can you tell us when you are planning to implement these changes? I am wondering: if I buy lite now and use all the available slots, but then dont buy lite in the next year, will I still have as many slots, or will I loose the 12?
Thanks! smile
Edited 08 Jun, 2018 12:29
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