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The AstroBin hotfixes thread

11 Nov, 2016 06:41
Salvatore Iovene
The index at the top-right next to your name is your all-time index.

Makes sense now, but I'm almost certain that I haven't gained nearly all my points in the last six months! smile

I had a screenshot of a page from last year until I deleted it a few days ago. Really wish I saved it now! smile
11 Nov, 2016 08:15
Ethan Chappel
but I'm almost certain that I haven't gained nearly all my points in the last six months!
It doesn't work that way, the index doesn't necessarily grow with each picture as if points were added. It's more like a weighted average, so you might have the same index in the period between 12 and 6 months ago, and then 6 to 0 months ago, and not expect your year index to be the sum of the two.
12 Nov, 2016 06:37
Small addition: now you can change your own e-mail address from the settings! Go to "My settings" and use the new "Change your e-mail" button.
18 Nov, 2016 06:53
you can now submit your images to multiple groups at the same time, and straight from the upload wizard (Also in Edit -> Basic settings)! Simply select the groups you want to submit too by dragging them from the box at the right to the box on the left.

Hope this helps!
04 Feb, 2018 06:44
caro salvatore come avrai capito sono un po tardo con il computer,  ma grazie al tuo lavoro riesco a capire sempre di più, grazie  c.colombo
04 Feb, 2018 06:55
Mi fa piacere!
03 Dec, 2018 22:04
Since v1.34.0:

(i18n) Fix issue in string
(inbox) Apply minor UI improvements
(images) Add Sky Ranch Observatory to the list of remote sources
(search) Add the remote source display to the image index
(search) Allow the remote_source field of the Image index to be null
(images) Add ChileScope to the list of remote data sources
(images) Fix displaying of data source on technical card]
Edited 03 Dec, 2018 22:05
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