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I agree

Today's AAPOD

19 Feb, 2018 09:31
Without being offensive or disrespectful in any way, how can this be an AAPOD? smile
19 Feb, 2018 10:02
You are right. We have on our polish forums special foder called " My first astrophoto" . That  a good place for it.
On occassion you can review Polish APOD  ( also in English)  for some comparison.
19 Feb, 2018 10:45
A lot of fake and poor images appear there. Unfortunately AAPOD is not a considerable site anymore. The worst moment was a faked eclipse picture. The "author" simply erased the Sun from an ordinary image in PS and AAPOD shared it. When I said that it was obvioulsy fake, admins removed it, but they told it wasn't fake regarding the raw image. That was a lie, that image was obviously fake (still have it on my hard drive).
19 Feb, 2018 10:49
Yeah it clearly seems that poor images are shared like if they were good ones. I tried to submit one of mines and it has been rejected in favor of this one (and similar). Not to brag about my work but at least I'd like to "lose" to beautiful images and not to these.
Edited 19 Feb, 2018 10:52
19 Feb, 2018 11:22
I'm not an expert in deep sky astrophotography but I fully agree with you Philoez98. I'm really sure there are better images out there. I myself have uploaded good images of the planets and Moon and sometimes have seen others which were also planets or Moon but were in comparison worse images. I have clear examples of what I'm talking about. I understand everybody wants an AAPOD but I think they must have a better judgment.
19 Feb, 2018 11:26
Here's a direct link to that AAPOD image that will work also tomorrow when that's not current anymore:

I'm glad for once the critics are not about AstroBin's IOTD smile
19 Feb, 2018 11:41
Salvatore Iovene
Here's a direct link to that AAPOD image that will work also tomorrow when that's not current anymore:

I'm glad for once the critics are not about AstroBin's IOTD smile
If this image won an IOTD here, I think it could cause a revolution on AstroBin's forum smile
Being serious now, there's no comparison between IOTD and AAPOD. IOTD is 100x better and even if it has some flaws, works exceptionally well. I think it should deserve more recognition in the community and on the web.
19 Feb, 2018 11:46
Looks like a learners image to me, the processing leaves much to be desired and there is coma.

Edited 19 Feb, 2018 11:47
19 Feb, 2018 12:21
Remind me some so-called astro-photo on one of site in Japan (do not remember name, sorry). I was shocked how was possible to make such bad images with such excellent equipment, sorry for being rude smile
19 Feb, 2018 12:45
But I'm not sure we need to mortify or blame the author of this image. Sometimes can happen that the system fail, but regard the image, who has started with "deserved for APOD images" at begin of his astoimager "career"?I'd be very sad to read these kind of comment related to myself, in case of something like this.BTW, this is not a fake image or similar. It's just a beginner's image. And we have been beginners everybody.if you feel that you received an injustice, why don't you contact the webmaster of AAPOD? Is not needed a media lynching, I think.
Best regards
Edited 19 Feb, 2018 12:45
19 Feb, 2018 12:50
The fault is not, by any means , on the author of the image. We were just discussing that it doesn't belong to where it's been published. It's seems so strange that a site that promotes the best amateur images has chosen this one  (among the hundreds it receives, I suppose) as example. This is purely a system fail, but it seems to happen rather often.
Edited 19 Feb, 2018 12:51
19 Feb, 2018 13:17
Does anybody know who in responsible for AAPOD or what the "The Free Astronomical Society" is?
I've wondered and searched for this. But I did not found anything clarifying.
What will they do with the uploaded pictures?
What about copyright?
I dit only uploud one picture as test for responce.
But nothing happend - except geting a AAPOD.

19 Feb, 2018 14:07
maybe over at AAPOD they  need to make categories to judge images in. ( this is in jest don't get mad at me) smile
19 Feb, 2018 14:10
It's not the first time this kind of things happens on AAPPOD ; the level is not equal everyday.
This site awards semi-pro images as well as very beginners images… that's why I believe that only one person is behind this and make a choice everyday.
After all, why not ?
But IOTD has considerable more value then ! smile
19 Feb, 2018 14:20
Yeah, that's not a very good image. For sure.
But I agree with Davide, this is a kind of topic that I'd privately discuss with my astro-friends or something that I'd write directly to the site owner by email.

It's pretty out of context talking about it here, astrobin is not AAPOD.

My 2 cents.
Edited 19 Feb, 2018 14:20
19 Feb, 2018 14:39
Roberto Colombari
It's pretty out of context talking about it here,

Totally agree. The important thing is to discuss our IOTD and Top Pick:
19 Feb, 2018 15:10
I did not appreciate when we started to comment the processing skills or the image goodness of this guy. Let's try to have fun, even if sometimes the play is not so fair! And yes, continue here to speack about the AB's IOTD, not APOD or AAPOD or AAAPOOD etc.  smile Regards
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