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Vixen Polaris and Canon 1300d

30 Oct, 2018 21:42
I need some help to understand how it work vixen Polaris and the reflex together.
I'm new at astrophotografy
How I can point the star that I want to take pictures?can be maybe easy to point at Orion.but how I can point at faded target?there is any trick?thank you for your help
Have nice stargazing night
30 Oct, 2018 22:34
You have to do a star calibration. once your polar aligned you run the star calibration on your mount. After you are calibrated your goto hand controller should send you anywhere you want to go. You should be able to manually input the NGC catalog and many more. I hope this helps.


30 Oct, 2018 22:48
Thank you Chris.
I don't have the goto mount only  the simple tripod  with on top the vixen and the reflex
30 Oct, 2018 22:54
Hi Poccino,
do you mean the Vixen Polarie Star Tracker? If it is a travel mount, I think you have to point (and find) by hand. I've used for a long time the Skywatcher Star Advetuerer and had always a Laptop with Stellarium installed on it with me.
To find the fade objects, do short exposures (depending on the brightness of your object) with high iso and maximum aperture and adjust the mount until you have found it. If you have a tele-lens, do first exposures with the smallest focal length and zoom than step by step to the focal length you want to use. Adjust the mount again after every zoom. Don't forget to focus and choose the aperture you want to use before you start with the long time exposures.
The most important thing is: Don't stop trying smile . At the beginning it can be some times very frusttrating
30 Oct, 2018 23:00
Yes is the vixen Polaris star without the goto everything should be done by hand.thank you for the help.i have the  telezoom lens Tamron.but when I choose the 300mm the lens is always out of the focus.even if I set the lens on infinity.the star look blurry and big as faded moon smile
31 Oct, 2018 00:05
usually the correct focus is slightly before the infinity marking. for good focusing use always a batinov mask:
Simply use the standard setting for the beginning. You can start by making one out of a more stable paper or cardboard, if you cut the slices carefully this is really precise enough. I used some years ago the 300mm tele-zoom from tamron, too. My one had the bad behaviour, that it was zooming(moving in) under its own weight when I was pointing over 45 degrees. Very small shifts but of course out of focus. We vixed it with some ducktape XD…
31 Oct, 2018 00:13
Thank you so much for the good going to try soon all your advice.i hope soon the sky going to be clear enough here in Norway.also I download a android app is possible to add on my tripod together with vixen and the reflex my smartphone so I can use the App skieview or stellarium to localize the deeply object?
Have nice stargazing thank you for the help
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