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What are your thoughts on enforcing equipment and acquisition details on images?

18 Dec, 2018 10:19
Roberto Marinoni
so I would like to have a way to filterthose images.
You can do it in the new search page:

Add filter -> Minimum data ->
24 Dec, 2018 03:51
Salvatore Iovene
A user recently emailed me proposing that image details should be enforced on AstroBin, i.e. you should not be able to upload an image unless you provide at least some details.On hand it makes sense, because a big part of why AstroBin was born, five years ago, was that I hated seeing all these amazing astrophotograph scattered around on the Internet, with no details because the images were hosted on general purpose hosting services and the details were maybe in a different context, like a forum.

On the other hand, enforcing the details would mean there's a barrier and some people would be less inclined to share their images.

What are your thoughts?

An image is more valuable to me if the exposure info, filters, subs etc. are listed.  I find some of the images are an example I would like to try to duplicate with my own equipment.  It is also nice to know what software was used. The more details that are listed the better for the rest of us.
Edited 24 Dec, 2018 03:52
24 Dec, 2018 12:42
I am afraid if no info is given on an image I don't "like it" as I have no idea what method and equipment was used to capture it and what challenges were involved.

I would like to see a tab for Bortle scale on images or SQM.  I see many lovely images on this site I try to emulate but have no idea how dim a target is and what sort of skies are needed to acquire such an image.

Edited 24 Dec, 2018 12:43
24 Dec, 2018 18:51
I don't understand how to use the new search system. What is a filter? What are my choices? How do I enter a filter? Is there an instruction page? Can you put  a help button some where on the page?
24 Dec, 2018 19:31
Just try various things, it’s not like you break anything if you make a mistake 😁
24 Dec, 2018 20:28
ritengo sia molto bello e sopratutto importante,  che ci siano quando è possibile dettagli sulle immagini astronomiche, questo denota generosità nei confronti di chi ha la nostra stessa passione, penso che le foto astronomiche diventino più importati quando si riesce anche con poca strumentazione, ad avere dei risultati.
esempio personalmente cerco continuamente nuovi soggetti,  resto molto contento quando posso arricchire il mio catalogo personale, e valuto i miei risultati con quelli di altri astro fotografi, ma sono anche convinto che non tutti abbiano il mio punto di vista, allora penso che costoro non devono avere degli obblighi, perché
l'importante e che ci sono anche loro, siamo tutti appassionati allo stesso modo. faccio i miei auguri a tutti  voi di ASTROBIN smile  c.colombo
28 Dec, 2018 00:47
I am afraid if no info is given on an image I don't "like it" as I have no idea what method and equipment was used to capture it and what challenges were involved.
I have to agree with Carole.

I also feel that using a commercial remote observatory needs to be highlighted very clearly and to be judge independently. Nothing wrong with using a remote observatory, but those that do have a greater advantage than those that don't and can't compare from someone that produces an excellent image from a city against someone who produces an image from a dark commercial remote site.

Just my opinion but if people don't complete all the fields then they should be excluded from judging.
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