I recently acquired first darksite'ish data with my Hyperstar4 setup and pretty pleased with it. I acquired M42 data with different exposure lengths on a plan to do a composite. I created the composite and was able to get decent data on the Trapezium cluster. The first couple of iterations I did the HDR than followed my standard processing which includes keeping data unstretched, running Decon process, than doing the HDRMLT. The problem with that is the stars in the Trapezium sector were not protected by the starmask used in the Decon process since that sector was still very bright.

In order to get around this, I stretched my data, ran HDRMLT, extracted Luminous, did the Decon process (with a bit of tweaks and decreased iterations), than got into a snag with the MLT denoise procedure since I'd have to use the "Linear Mask" which is useless in here. So I opened a copy of my data again that is still linear, created a linear mask with MLT, than used that as a mask for the process of the non-linear data. This worked, it lost a bit of sharpness, but the noise was cleared off.

Anyways, with all of that said and I'm sure I missed alot, my brain can not decide whether the result is better or worse. So your input would GREATLY be appreciated:

Edited 30 Nov, 2019 09:11