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Aligning narrowband 'channels'

13 Jan, 2017 19:59
I wondered how to exactly align the 3 already registered/processed  (Ha + O III +S II) images for the Tone Mapping procedure.
As the individual collection of the Ha / O III / S II photons probably happens through several nights, the three images will be different in drift / rotation and even zoom factor.
20 Jan, 2017 23:36
I use the Nebulosity 4 function "Translation + Rotation (+ Scaling)" to get my 3 registered images perfectly aligned. It asks you to manually select 2 stars in each image and then exports 3 new aligned, rotated and scaled images. I then take these into Maxim and crop them using the same settings for  each, such as crop size and offset. Pretty sure everything you want to do can be done in PixInsight
21 Jan, 2017 14:04
Easy in PI using its StarAlignment process, also I used to use AstroArt6 which operates similar to Nebulosity described above. PI also offers 'distortion correction' functionality if required.

21 Jan, 2017 23:27
Registar does a really great job of aligning images,  including different scales.
Then I import the aligned Ha,  OIII & SII into the required channel in a new Photoshop file.
14 Mar, 2017 14:32
I have found Picture Window Pro 64 v7.0 which has registering and palette composition function either.
15 Mar, 2017 02:45
This is an area where PixInsight shines.   You select one reference frame and use it for alignment/stacking.  If it's not the right channel you deselect it for data extraction, and can still use it for alignment.  The stacks will likely have dark edges where they do not overlap.  You use DynamicCrop to remove those and leave the precise same field of view.  Identical channels.
15 Mar, 2017 22:31
+1 for Nebulosity & Registar - except having now used both, I can confirm that Registar is slightly more accurate, and it does mosaics!  smile
25 Jul, 2017 11:19
My 2 cents…

I use Deep Sky Stacker, i stack all my Ha subs and then all the Sii and finally all my Oiii, right? but, when i stack my Ha subs i choose the best sub as my Reference frame, then, after all the Ha has been stacked and saved, i clean the list leaving my Ha reference frame, then i add my Sii files and check them all but not the reference frame (ha sub), this tells DSS to use it as a reference BUT not to stack it…. then i repeat the process with the list of subs in Oiii….

The result is 3 perfectly aligned channels from each filter.

Hope it helps someone…. i do the same with LRGB or anything i need to align….

Bye…  smile
16 Nov, 2018 18:47
I’ve just started using Astro Pixel Processor and find it does an excellent job in Registration. It also includes distortion correction. I’ve combined subs with different cameras, binning and rotation with no trouble.
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