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Debayering images from an Atik 383L+ in nebulosity

18 Dec, 2015 12:05
Hi all. I am trying out a CCD. I have been using a modded Canon 450 for a  few years now. I use Nebulosity 4 for my stacking and debayering.

I am trying out a borrowed Atik 383L+ colour camera.  It looks to me like the debayering mask is wrong. I get quite weird results if I use the default settings. I have found the preference window that allows you to set the mask. I can't seem to find the matrix information in a format that I can understand. Any ideas?


Graham Kettlewell
22 Dec, 2015 06:58
Hello Graham,

From the manual on the KAF-8300 it would appear to be GRBG.

But you are at the mercy of the driver code, and my experience has been quite varied, even for the same camera sensor, but different makes of camera.

Best suggestion is to image something for which you know the color, then try all possible permutations until it looks correct.


David McClain
23 Dec, 2015 22:57
Thanks for that. I guess its time for some experimenting,


06 Mar, 2016 22:27
I have solved the mystery of debayering. Nebulosity can recongnise images take with the Canon 450D that I have been using until now. It doesn't recognise the images taken with the Atik 383L+. It prompts for input about how to debayer when this happens. I have to select RGB as the debayer method,  and offset the mask on the  x axis by 1 pixel to get the debayering correct. I just posted a shot of Horsehead and Flame taken with the Atik camera. I am reasonably happy at this point.  I will keep experimenting with my exposure times and workup to see what I can manage to get from the camera.

Thanks for your help.


Edited 06 Mar, 2016 22:27
09 Mar, 2016 01:39
what software are you using to capture the images? the problem could be that nebulosity is reading the fits file upside-down with respect to how it was written out. offsetting by 1 pixel fixes that problem.
10 Mar, 2016 20:37
I used Nebulosity to capture the frames as well as to work them up, so it would be a bit unfortunate if this was the case.
10 Mar, 2016 20:54
hmm, ok. i suppose then that by shifting it one pixel you're making the image look like it was RGGB (how canon cameras are bayered)…?
15 Jun, 2016 00:18
With the Atik 383L in PixInsight you should debayer using BGGR.  The best algorithm is VNG.

05 Oct, 2016 09:17
Dear Graham
I've just started using a Canon 450D (Badder modified) with Nebulosity. Initially I got wrong colors. I then selected Canon 20d or nodded Canon from the preference menu and seems to get better color debayering.

Were you using standerd Nebulosity settings or a manual configured Debayering matrix and offset. In which case can you please let me know?

05 Oct, 2016 16:46
I have found that the mask differs with different capture software.  With Atik's Artemis I found BGGR worked.  When I switched to SGPro  I had to use GRBG .  I suggest you try all four options.  One will work.


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