DSS Problem - Only one frame is stacked

28 Apr, 2018 09:11
Hi everyone!

I have a little problem with DSS. Yesterday i made 8 light frames from M13. 2s exposure,ISO 3200, no tracking, 700mm focal length. But DSS olny stack one frame out of 8.
Can someone tell me, where is the problem?
Single frame(very noisy, becouse i needed to convert ti jpg from CR2) : 
29 Apr, 2018 13:05
Common problem with DSS.  It is likely it will only stack 1 frame because it is not seeing enough stars to register the images.

You can try lowering your star threshold in Register checked pictures/advance tab and see what happens.  It is likely since your exposures are so short it is not showing up the stars enough for DSS to recognise them.

Failing that you might need to stretch the individual exposures to make the stars more visible before trying to stack them.  This is not ideal or the right way to do it, but it might help to diagnose your problem.

Edited 29 Apr, 2018 14:43
29 Apr, 2018 13:40
I tried it, but didn't helped.

Can it be the problem, that the picture is too noisy?
But i don't know why.. only ISO 3200, with 2s exp…
29 Apr, 2018 16:42
This may not help, but don't convert to JPG format.  If you have to convert the CR2 files, convert them to 16-bit TIF format.  If nothing else, yuo'll be in better shape to do a prestretch as Carole suggests.

Alternatively, you can download the new 64-bit (there is also a new 32-bit) version of DSS.  I couldn't stack CR2 files with the older version, but now I can with the 64-bit version.

06 May, 2018 11:04
Okay, I will try, and thanks!

But, can it be a problem, that i dont use tracking, so the target is moving, and have different position on every frame?
06 May, 2018 21:07
Which version of DSS are you using? I can stack CR2 files in my 3.3.4 version…

As already stated, don't make them into jpeg…..
07 May, 2018 15:29
MarZ, I've heard that DSS can have trouble identifying stars if they are not round enough.  So that might be what is happening, especially if you are not guiding.

Scott, My understanding is that as new models of cameras are sold, a support file needs updating.  When folks have had trouble stacking, once they updated the software, the problem went away.  Recently, the support for new cameras was dropped, but with the new versions of DSS, a new support file is being used and new cameras are again supported.  I recently obtained a new Canon whose image files were not supported by DSS.  Once I downloaded the new version, the images opened.

07 May, 2018 21:55
Okay, I will try, and thanks!But, can it be a problem, that i dont use tracking, so the target is moving, and have different position on every frame?

Provided the stars are not too mis-shapen that is what stacking software will do, move the frames so they sit on top of each other in the right position.

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