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Light Pollution Filter and color balance

26 Jan, 2017 01:24
I recently started using a Orion Skyglow Astrophotography broadband light pollution filter on an unmodded DSLR and I'm having trouble with the color balance.

Here is a link to a pic of M42, but I feel like it should have more red.  I use PixInsight's Dynamic Background Extraction, Background Neutralization, and Color Calibration and that left me with a washed out image.


I did try to pump up the saturation and that helped some but the emission nebula area is more orange than red.

Has anyone else had color issues with a LPR and DSLR combination? If so, how did you solve it?

Comments and critique are appreciated.

26 Jan, 2017 09:33
Your background still has a small blue/red color cast.

You can try this to balance the color before DBE:

- Open the stacked file
- Extract the RGB channels
- Open statistics and check the 'median' value of each channel and note which channel has the lowest value
- Open the LinearFit tool and select the channel with the lowest median as the reference
- Apply this to the other two channels
- Open the ChannelCombination tool and select all three channels
- Click the ApplyGlobal (circle) button to create a new, channel-matched image.
26 Jan, 2017 17:00
Thank you Victor!  I'll give that a try.
30 Jan, 2017 23:11
I took Victor's advice about extracting RGB above and also was very careful using ColorCalibration to only use an area with unsaturated stars for the white reference.
Those two things helped.

I also tried splitting out the L and processing it separately from RGB an then recombining it.  I think I brought out a few more details that way.

Here is the new version: M42
31 Jan, 2017 10:16
Looks great!
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