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Backyard EOS vs APT

01 Aug, 2017 14:12
I just picked up a new Canon T6i and was wondering for those Canon users out there which application you use and why? Is there one thing you like better in one than the other? If what I was looking at was correct, both applications allow you to build an imaging plan with different exposure values correct?
01 Aug, 2017 21:26
They do.  APT integrates better with plate solving, and has more automation features, while BYE is more intuitive to use.  I have used and like both (technically, I have used Backyard Nikon, but whatever).  APT has more room for growth, in that it'll run dedicated CCD/CMOS cameras as well, which is why I've tried to stick with it recently
01 Aug, 2017 21:45
I have a canon 70D and use APT.  I have not used BYE.  APT does plate solving and provides a button to 'sync' the mount to the solved position.  That ability allows me to get to the task of taking pictures much faster.
02 Aug, 2017 02:10
Thanks for the info!
14 Aug, 2017 20:51
I also use APT with my Canon DSLR, to full satisfaction so far.
One "killer" feature that I haven't found anywhere else: APT interfaces with my MGEN to do automatic dithering.

24 Jul, 2018 02:33
I have both apps and they both work great. I the NIKON version but wether EOS or NIKON they both do well.
I agree with others on here that APT has more features and continues to be my main acquisition program. I'll use Backyard NIKON if I'm imaging with my DSLR which is infrequent anymore since I'm imaging with CCD and filters.

24 Jul, 2018 06:00
I am still new at this and using BackyardEOS to control my Canon 80D. But haven't used anything else to compare it to. It's easy to use and to get used to. It supports dither through PHD2, focus with different methods, and the live view is very useful when doing star alignment (I still need to do one for platesolving to work for some reason). As for platesolving, it's easy to setup through astrotortilla, which in turn uses BYEOS to take exposures and center the object automatically.
25 Jul, 2018 05:04
Before I made a decision I had a play with both BYE and APT free versions before going for APT. In my opinion APT is always moving forward  and Ivo the founder of APT is always open to users comments and suggestions.  The free version has plenty of features to test the program, so much so I used it for a year before purchasing it, which by the way is only $19.00Euro, pretty cheap for what the program can do, including plate solving and interfaces to some planetarium programs. Before plate solving/Blind Solve was added 'Plate Solve 2 and All sky plate solver' I have never looked back to AstroTortilla my number 1 plate solving program, now just sits in on the side line been neglected.  I just setup my plan, focus, plate solve and  press go and have a good night sleep. You can not go wrong selecting APT.

25 Jul, 2018 14:25
Robin: I too. like the plate solving routine in APT. Once I learned to plate sole good bye to 3-star alignment smile One feature I enjoy using in the APT plate solve routine is the AIM function. Allows you to align to the target's center when your imaging the same target spread out across multiple nights. Makes aligning images easier and reduces lost image date when processing.

The founder, IVO is great taking suggestions from the user community and fixing any issues quickly without going through major releases. This is a program that will stay on my laptop for image capture.  For the cost and power of APT you can't go wrong.  smile

25 Jul, 2018 19:46
I own both BYE and APT. BYE is clearly easier to use and I find the image review/zooming/stretching more intuitive. APT has some advanced features, plate solving is *very* handy and better than external AstroTortilla, and of course also supports CCD cameras.
10 Nov, 2018 08:57
I have both and APT is my favorite one. Specially useful and well done is the platesolving feature , I love in particula the "aim to" feature r it allows you to fine tune the platesolved object and center it in the frame with perfect precision. I like more the image planning feature in BYE, more intuitive. Ivo att APT is really in both support and in listening the users wishes. I recommend the pro version of both the apps. I use almost only APT now cause I recently started with CCD/CMOS imaging. Both products are great with DSLR.
10 Nov, 2018 10:02
That’s a great topic , since I’m looking forward to buying me a new asi1600mmc.

and I’m so far using the byeos with my Canon 1000da. Works perfect.

but with this other camera I’ll also think about apt. And this plate solving sounds awesome.
Does anyone have a nice description how to set this feature up ? I’ll try to read as much as possible before I’ll acgually buy my camera smile so that it will be easier to start.

thank you for helping
Regards Dennis
10 Nov, 2018 11:07
Sorry I also found some good help videos on YouTube.  But if someone has still a nice step by step tutorial. Like one from the installation to the actual capturing of images with plate solving , I’d be very thankful
regards Dennis
10 Nov, 2018 18:14
APT is more powerful but I still use BYEOS and then plate solve / rotate if needed using SGP. I love how simple and easy BYEOS is to use… for basic DSLR photography it is perfect.
21 Jan, 2019 23:46
I use APT and love it.  I use both of my current cameras with it, an EOS M50 and asi1600mc-c.  I really like that I can use such diverse cameras with just one app.

A quick and very terse set of instructions for using plate solving with APT.  Note that I only use ASPS (AllSkyPlateSolver, the blind solver) and not PlateSolve2.  It takes a bit longer, but it always works.

First, open APT and click on the Gear tab.
Then click on PointCraft. a popup dialog will come up.  Click on Settings.
Click on the button that says Download ASPS
Once it downloads that, you'll have to run the ASPS install.  Follow the instructions for ASPS (it's on the site) to configure it and load the necessary platesolving files.  They are specific to the telescope and camera you will be using for imaging/platesolving.
Now, once that is set up, note the path to the ASPS program.  go back to APT and enter it in the PointCraft setting dialog.
There are some other settings in that dialog.  Here's a brief list of my setting, for reference:
Timeout: 180s
goto++ attempts: 5
acceptable goto++ error: 20 pixels
pause after goto move: 5s
relative goto moves: yes (this would be specific to your scope, mine is the az-gti)
use crop factor: no
no auto sync: enabled
defaule pointcraft exposure: none (it uses the exposure setting in the camera tab)
use only L quality: yes (makes downloads and solver faster)
solve unstretched images: yes

So, once you've set everything up this is how you use it:
Connect camera and mount
Set your camera exposure in your camera tab
Go to the gear tab
Click on pointcraft
Click on Objects, and select your target.  Click ok
POintcraft will now show the target RA and DEC desired
Click on Goto++

And watch the magic happen.  It will take a pic, solve, move the mount, and repeat the whole thing until the last image's center is withing your acceptable pixel error you set in the Pointcraft settings.  It really is that easy.
You can also get adventurous and do all this as part of your script for the night.

Hope this helps.

Edited 21 Jan, 2019 23:46
04 Mar, 2019 06:46
I prefer APT for DSLR.
08 Oct, 2019 23:07
I have both but I use APT more as I think it's a better program with more to offer
19 Dec, 2019 10:35
That’s a great topic , since I’m looking forward to buying me a new asi1600mmc.and I’m so far using the byeos with my Canon 1000da. Works perfect.

but with this other camera I’ll also think about apt. And this plate solving sounds awesome.
Does anyone have a nice description how to set this feature up ? I’ll try to read as much as possible before I’ll acgually buy my camera smile so that it will be easier to start.

thank you for helping
Regards Dennis

old topic but still relevant how to set up APT platesolving
22 Feb, 2020 01:04
BYE has recently did a upgrade and has some good features to allow plate solving (ASTAP) and well as getting acquire your DEC/RA from source like telescopius, Cartes du ciel or direct from your mount. Which will allow you to slew to and center on your target. I have been playing with NINA, APT and SGP but I always for back to BYE just for the fact it is very simply to use.
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