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BackyardEOS/APT using Canon T6 DSLR

11 May, 2019 12:04
Morning all,

Has anyone out there tried connecting their Canon T6 to a PC for DSO imaging?  I haven't been able to get BackyardEOS or APT to recognize my camera properly, it appears to be detected and in APT it shows the name of the device but will not show the Live View or take shots.  I would love to be able to use this with my laptop so I can polar align/platesolve and get my alignment where it needs to be for multiple-minute subs.  I currently use a guidescope screwed onto a wood plank that I clamp to my Dec axis at 0 degrees.  I then position the mount and make small adjustments until Polaris appears in view as it does in PS Align on my phone, which gets me decent return rates up to a minute, at which point I'm throwing out 3/4 of my subs due to PE or trailing.  I found a way to attach my camera to a dovetail-plate without a ballhead so it would sit at 0 degrees Dec., but can't get any software to cooperate with the camera.  I have updated the drivers to the latest on the Canon website, and am using the latest version of BYEOS (trial).

Now granted I am at a disadvantage with an EQ2 mount with no go-to or PC hookup, all adjustments would be made manually to align, and micromovement can throw my other alignments out of position if not careful.  Every experience I've had thus far trying to use an EQ2 mount with PHD2 and some other software has been somewhat jerry-rigged together…I have to bypass a lot of the setup options and I'm aware the functionality isn't going to be 100% in any of those programs without a proper guide camera and EQ3 or better controllable mount setup.

If I could just get my camera to be detected by BYEOS/APT/PHD2 I would be in better shape…
12 May, 2019 00:07
smile I have a Cannon T6 and had the same problems. First the settings. Basically every option needs to be turned off lol. The biggest hang up for my T6 was the auto focus setting. Even though you are not using auto focus, there is still a setting that tries to find faces for focus. This needs to be set to Flex Zone (especially important in APT).

Once all the settings were in the right place, I could use BYEOS fine, but I really wanted to use APT and Plate Solving. Try as I might, I couldn’t get Live View to work.  smile. After trolling around forums for hours I finally found a post advising to ctrl + click on the camera tab and select the option for DIGIC 6. This was weird cuz the T6 is DIGIC 4+, however once I changed this setting, I clicked on the Live View in APT and heard the satisfying click and the Live view finally appeared on the APT screen.  smile

The T6 is not the highest quality DSLR around but it’s been a great learning camera. Last night I acquired about 1.5 hours on M51 and thanks to the amazing power of Point Craft (APTs plate solving integration) tonight I only need to pull up one of my subs and solve it and in about three mins my scope will be in exactly the same spot allowing me to get another couple hours.

Hope this helped. Clear skies
12 May, 2019 12:43
I had a similar problem with BYE not seeing my Canon 750D camera. I downloaded the latest version at the time (3.1.16 ) and it now detects it each time.
I hopes this helps.

Ps I purchased a licensed copy of BYE which gives you the option of downloading the latest version of the software.

Mark Bowles
13 May, 2019 15:06
Thanks for the replies, guys!

I was able to get it recognized by the Canon EOS Utility software, I will try those steps in APT to see if it's recognized there (I think it's installed as a DIGIC 4 currently) and report back.  If I can get it working in APT that's good enough for now.  Fingers crossed  smile
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