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Edge HD 1400 Planetary Setup

21 May, 2020 20:54
I recently purchased an Edge HD 14" to use for planetary and want to start with Jupiter. The only planetary camera I have at the moment is the ZWO ASI290MC and would like to start off with that. Currently I own the t-adapter for the scope and I have a 1.25" 2x barlow I have used in the past. I am not sure how to set up the spacing correctly. I read that the Edge HD needs 144mm of spacing from the rear to the sensor to get the best quality but I am not sure if this is relevant for quick exposure planetary shots. One possible set up would be the visual back, a star diagonal, the barlow and then the camera. Does the spacing matter after or before the barlow lens? I could also go from the t-adapter to the barlow and then to camera somehow. Does this sound correct? Also, I am considering purchasing an ADC. Will this make a noticeable positive impact?  Thank you in advance!
21 May, 2020 20:59
Realized I posted in the wrong forum…my apologies.
22 May, 2020 00:31
I would say don’t worry about spacing too much. You should be fine as long as it’s not absurdly long.

Your question made me curious about how far back my ASI290MM sensor was. Turns out it’s ~295mm. It’s been that way for over two years now and I haven’t had any issues.

About diagonals, never use them for imaging. It’s one more mirror that can degrade the image quality and brightness.

ADCs are very usual if the planet is low in the sky. I would always get one for a color camera.

Have fun with your C14!
22 May, 2020 00:37
Thank you for the info. Is there a particular ADC you recommend? Is the ADC placed before the barlow?
22 May, 2020 10:26
Wish you great fun with your EDGE HD but why not the "normal" C14 - cheaper and a tick brighter than the C14 EDGE due to an additional lens used, IF you just want to use it for planetary and Moon?
22 May, 2020 17:33
Michael S.
Wish you great fun with your EDGE HD but why not the "normal" C14 - cheaper and a tick brighter than the C14 EDGE due to an additional lens used, IF you just want to use it for planetary and Moon?

I want to start with planetary, but I plan on getting the hyperstar system as well to image at f 1.9 with a full-frame sensor. Also I think eventually I will get the focal reducer and attempt to image at the 2700 focal length. The main attractive thing about the telescope is all the possible focal lengths you can shoot at.
Edited 22 May, 2020 17:37
30 May, 2020 09:56
Hello, my name is Ricky, I’m from Nova Scotia.  I want to get into astrography.  I’ve been trying to wrap my head around what would make a great first time beginners purchase for a telescope, but not quite sure what to get.  I have about 700$ to work with (I know not a lot I suppose).  Can someone tell me a few specific models that would be great to work with?  I’d like to be able to see planets, nebulas, etc..   thank you
30 May, 2020 11:16
As Ethan mentioned, you don't need to worry about the spacing when it comes to planetary - that's only critical where you want a flat field and (with the exception of lunar work) your target is only going to occupy a small central area in your field of view.

An ADC will help for your one-shot cam, especially if your targets are at low-ish (<40 deg) elevations. I'm pretty happy with the one I have from ZWO.
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