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how to make a good alignement with an AVX.

25 Jan, 2020 16:58
Hello, i'm new to astrophoto and i want to improve my tracking.
4 night ago i managed to make 60" exposure of M81-82 and M1 without startrails.
I make my alignement following these step. (i have no polarscope on my avx)

1) Mount is on level
2) point the north and look in the "hole" (where the polarscope is normaly here)
3) Polaris in the 'middle" of this hole.
4) do a 2 star align and 1 calibration star.
5) the go to is really precise but not the tracking.

Now i don't do anything more than 30" smile

If you have a idea of how to make long exposure without startrails like me 4 night ago. (There is no wind and my apn is a Canon 1100d)
Thanks for you help.  smile
25 Jan, 2020 18:58
I used to have an avx, but I had a polar scope on mine, without one you can use the polar alignment routine in the software I forget the name but there is one built in, and you can also use a drift alignment using phd2 guiding, I find that pretty accurate, but I usually use my polar scope to rough align and sharpcap polar alignment, or phd2 drift alignment.
25 Jan, 2020 19:03
I think it is called alstar polar alignment routine, but don't quote me on that it will be in your manual.
25 Jan, 2020 19:35
thanks for your answer.
I’ll try next time what you say.

i heard that the counterweight need to be precise.
I’ll try to better balancing next time
25 Jan, 2020 20:22
Hi. I have an AVX too. I make an 3 Star alignment and then the allstar Polar alignment. After this i make 180s exporsurs with 700mm without guiding.
25 Jan, 2020 20:39
Hi Darkytanus,

At least on my AZ-EQ6 you need to distinguish the GoTo alignment procedure  from polar alignment. I suspect it is the same on an AVX.

During GoTo aligment, when you point a few stars, the mount's computer measures the difference between their observed and theoretical positions and from that computes the angle between the mount's polar axis and the Earth polar axis. The mout can then accurately point at any target by compensating for that angle.

This is however true only for pointing. When tracking, the mount only rotates around the (potentially misaligned) polar axis. So you can indeed have a good GoTo but a bad tracking.

As Shawn said , without a polarscope, one way is drift alignment. That can be made with an autoguider of you have one, or the oldschool way, with a reticled eyepiece! It takes some time but you can do that during dawn.

I'd however recommend that you get a polarscope. It makes thing really easy if properly tuned. I routinely get drifts down to 0.5"/minute or less without having to do anything else.


Edited 25 Jan, 2020 20:53
25 Jan, 2020 20:58
WoW 180s how lucky.

i try the polar align method with the remote control and i adjust thé last star with the mount Knob and i try 60seconds exposure on m82 and it work.
i think it’s a good start. Thanks

yeah i Know that il havé to buy one. I don t know that i can havé good goto but bad trackîng. Thx for the info smile
26 Jan, 2020 01:43
I've got the avx. I get a rough polar alignment with polar scope, the use the polar alignment routine in sharpcap. Once that is done I can just plate solve to to get star alignment.
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