SharpCap 2.9

06 Dec, 2016 22:26
Hi every one,
Most likely a silly question…but have just acquired SharpCap, never used it in the field, just hooked up new camera (ASI1600MC) in my office, and wondered where do I pick the number of images I want to grab? Just been using BackyardEOS with my DSLR where I pick for example 30s exposure, and 100 pics and away it goes.

I realize that the DSLR is different from the ASI1600, but does SarpCap not grab any   single images, only a video stream?

08 Jan, 2017 23:18

I'm using SharpCap 2.9 right now, with my ZWO ASI071MC-Cool,  to capture .FITS files. It will also capture  .PNG type files used in Photoshop.

09 Jan, 2017 05:03
Mike, after you set the exposure like you want it, and hit the "start capture" button, it should pop up a menu asking how long  you want to run; it'll give you options for a total time, total number of exposures, and several others.  you have to tell it ahead of time what bit depth and what file format to use, but yeah, it can capture single frames just fine in addition to .ser movie files.

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