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Use Bias, Dark Flats or Both?

08 Nov, 2018 23:00
Hi Team,

I'm using a QSI683 wsg8 and recently had a go at using Astropixel Processor. Very cool software indeed.
APP allows the user to load lights, darks, flats, dark flats, bias or masters of each of these in any combination.

Some users are recommending using bias instead of dark flats - which I understand is very convenient.
I'm not very technical, I just use what works! Usually I take lights, darks, flats & dark flats, but no bias.

So my question is  -  should I be using Bias or Dark flats? What works best? Bias or dark flats or both?

08 Nov, 2018 23:32
Hi Andy,

With a CCD your options are flat darks, scaling longer darks and bias calibration.  Flat darks should work the best.  Scaling longer darks and simple bias calibration are reasonable options for the lazy astrophotographer that can't be bothered with flat darks smile  You'll probably find they both work well enough that you can't tell the difference.  The only caveat is that bias calibration is going to work best with short flats.

12 Nov, 2018 06:02
Cheers Rick - I'll be sticking with dark flats then  smile

Thanks again!

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