Autoguiding Cam ASI178MC or 120MM-S

29 Jul, 2018 11:13
Hi fellow APs,

until now i used a ASI120MM-S (mono) as an autoguider and the ASI178MC (color) for imaging. Due to an update i will use a new 294MC Pro as imaging camera in the future. So now i have two cams available for autoguiding. Which one should i use? I am using a 8" RC (203/1624) with an OAG, see this image: OAG.

From the manufacturers website i know that the 178 (178 specs) is less noisy compared to the 120 (120 specs). But i believe the 120 to be more sensitive due to its monochrome sensor. Am i right or did i misunderstood the diagrams? Which decision should i make? Are there any obvious advantages / disadvantages i do not see?

Any advice appreciated, thanks and greetings,
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29 Jul, 2018 11:57
Hi, in my opinion avoid using  colour camera for guiding because stars looks bloated,  bigger about 20% than in mono camera on your PHD screen, especially when you’re shooting with long focal length telescope and  you need more precise guiding than short FL telescopes
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02 Aug, 2018 11:23
Thank you, Greg. You made a point here for the ASI120. I will include your suggestion in my reflections.
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