I work in a none-contact temperature measurement lab at the University of Sheffield and we have de-bayered raspberry pi cameras and calibrated them for temperature measurement. I have long wondered if anyone has attempted to use a raspberry pi camera to capture deep space images. (I know they are used frequently for tracking, planets and lunar imaging). I've already set to work printing a housing to mount a piCam onto a telescope but will most likely be using custom optics given the tiny 1.4" sensor (the FOV on anything longer than 200mm FL is going to reduce the field of view to less than half a degree by my reckoning).

I have foreseen the potential issues of low signal given the Pi's max exposure is 10s and the max gain is equivalent to ~800 iso but I believe with with hardware binning and low expectations, it might be possible to capture detail sufficient to at least recognise some brighter DSOs.

I'm just interested to hear if anyone has tried this and maybe had some success?