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EQ6-R Pro with 10" Newtonian

07 Nov, 2018 04:59
Hi all,

I currently have a 100mm APO refractor on a Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro mount.  I am considering options for a second OTA of longer focal length.  I have found a premium carbon fibre 10" f/5 Newtonian astrograph but I'm not sure how it would go on my mount.  Does anyone have experience with a similar combination of a 10" Newtonian on an EQ6-R or equivalent?

Thanks, Kevin
Edited 07 Nov, 2018 21:42
07 Nov, 2018 05:43
07 Nov, 2018 06:20
Haha Diego,

You know what I'm talking about…
If there is a good response to my post you might see an order coming through…  smile
08 Nov, 2018 08:50
HI Kevin, i have that exact mount and run a setup with an 8 inch newtonian, guidescope and rather heavy Sbig camera with large filterwheel without any problem. depending on the weight of the scope youre getting obviously, i think you would be fine. mines a carbon tube tho, so is def lighter than steel. 10inch steel would be pretty heavy.
the most concerning thing I've noticed with large newtonians is wind. Its a rather big surface area and catches a lot of wind causing some pretty bad vibrations.if youre in a dome thats obviously not a problem. But check the weight of the tube, add the weight of all your accessories  and check that against maximum payload of the mount to begin with!

08 Nov, 2018 14:33
I run skywatcher exploer 250pds on eq6. It's doable, but very very sensitive to wind. Needs 3 CW's a the very end of CW shaft smile
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