Filter adapter for dslr lens

29 Jun, 2018 03:10
I'm not sure if this even exists or not but figured I would ask. Is there something out there that allows you to use say a 1.25" or 2" filter in combination with a dslr lens and dslr camera?
02 Jul, 2018 23:05
Hi Thomas, something to consider is the large amount of vignetting you'd get from using an 1.25" filter with a DSLR. You'd need to crop the final image quite a bit. Although, you could get a pop-in filter for a DSLR like this. But I think you were hoping for a product like the FilterSlider . Unfortunately, adding something like a FilterSlider would change the back-focus and you'd ultimately be unable to reach focus with the DSLR. You can use a standard camera lens with products like the LensSlider, as long as you use a standard CCD/CMOS T-Treaded camera. There are adapters that will let you use 1.25" filters with them here. Hope this helps!
Edited 02 Jul, 2018 23:13
03 Jul, 2018 11:03
Hi, you can use a "Step Down Ring" to use a 2" filter with a camera lens.
You can also combine  two or three rings to fit it on any camera lens. I have no problem with focus.
It makes no sense to use a 1,25" filter because of the vignetting.
CS, Robert
Edited 03 Jul, 2018 11:04
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