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Getting started with a small mount.
25 May, 2020 22:03
Hi Everyone,

I've taken a few images now and i am enjoying it. I'm not yet ready to buy a telescope, but I am ready to buy a small portable astrophotography setup.

I am thinking of the following

  • iOptron SkyGuider Pro
  • ZWO ASI290MM Mini Camera
  • ZWO 30F4 Guidescope
  • Possibly William Optics base for SkyGuider Pro.
  • Sturdier tripod than the cheap one I've got now.
I've been looking at options that would help with polar alignment such as ASIAir or the iPolar add on for iOptron. I don't think it works fully with Sony Cameras (A7iii).

I'm also in the process of moving house to a tiny town on the coast with bortle class 2-3 skies smile . The view to the south from my yard is partially restricted by trees. I can see the SCP but the area arould it is partially obscured by trees and i'm wondering if the alignment camera  will see enough sky around the pole to complete the alignment. Here is a quick star trail pic i took to help determine the SCP location from the deck.

i guess my main questions are…

Is the equipment selection a good choice?
Will  the iPolar or similar cope with the trees to the south when polar aligning?
Has anyone got the ASIAir to work fully with a Sony Camera?

Thanks for any advice.

25 Jun, 2020 17:23
You might try starting out without the guide camera and scope as you can always add them later. Less cost involved starting out and you may find that your camera lenses are not giving you the sharpness you want and decide to spend some money on something like a RedCat 51mm or other small ota.

I have the iOptron Skyguider and once it is aligned it guides excellent without a guide/scope camera.
25 Jun, 2020 22:46
Hi Steve,

Thanks for the advice, I was thinking that I might try unguided first.

As for lenses, photography is a relatively recent hobby of mine so I have a few camera lenses to buy first  as they are far more versatile if i want to shoot landscape or wildlife. I have looked at the William Optics gear and likely will end up with one of their lenses in the future.

There is only so much i can get past the "master of coin" in one go.


26 Jun, 2020 04:21
Yep most of us are in the same boat. smile
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