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iOptron SmartEQ Pro+

23 Oct, 2019 04:15
Hi,I planning to buy refractor Tecnosky AP 70/420 ED + 0.8x reducer/flattener and mount iOptron SmartEQ Pro+.
How long exposure manages to do this setup without guiding?
23 Oct, 2019 20:11
I have one with a William Optics Z61 so our weights aren't too far off. I like the mount but I will say it's pretty erratic. The longest I've been able to get a decent unguided shot was about 2 minutes. Guiding helps out immensely!
23 Oct, 2019 22:42
60/360 + a crop sensor and I own a specimen of unusually strong personality. 61 seconds has been the absolute best, usually I manage 30 to 40 seconds and even then a significant percentage will have observable trails.
Guided gives me 1-3 minutes without much trouble.

Slightly east-heavy balancing, fixing the play, perfect PA, tightening the knobs, all them help.

But it will always want to throw a tantrum for about one minute every two to five minutes, that's the core urge you are fighting against, both guided and unguided. smile
Edited 24 Oct, 2019 09:36
24 Oct, 2019 10:47
I've one of these but I never tried to use it unguided. Anyway one of the weak point of this little one is the tripod in dotation.
There're some mod that can help to improve the stiffness and the mounting hole of the head is luckly a standard 3/8" so if you have heavy-duty photo tripod you can use it instead of the unstable one in dotation.
24 Oct, 2019 15:22
I was a user of this mount, but I have to say that without guiding it would be quite terrible, maybe 10 seconds or more? I don't know the total weight of your instruments, but if guided you can expect a picture of 5 min exposure without trails, although the result is not that robust. Anyway it is cheap and portable enough. It is worthwhile to have a guiding system. smile Have fun.
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