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Optolong filters experience?

20 May, 2020 08:16
I currently use Astronimik 1.25" LRGB filters but they are a little too small and introduce vignetting so I'm considering 36mm unmounted Optolong as a replacement. Just wondering what experience people have with these particularly with halos on bright stars,  I'm using an Atik 383L and a Baader MPCC II coma corrector on a TS ONTC 12" f5.

20 May, 2020 08:40
I use a 2" Optolong L-Pro  on my 20" F5 "Zamar"  . No halos ! Works a treat  smile
22 May, 2020 08:53
Thanks Wes, I just wanted to be sure before spending, done a lot of searching as well on the subject and there doesn't seem to be an issue .

22 May, 2020 09:37
I use both Optolong L-Pro and L-eNhance filters and they are excellent.  However, I have never tried their LRGB filters but folks who have do not like them.  Lots of complaints about halos and many have switched to Baader or Astronomik (sound like you need larger ones as folks love their LRGB filters) or Chroma, if you have deep pockets.

22 May, 2020 10:42
Bruce can you point me to any references/images ? I found references re Optolong have improved their filters in the last couple of years, I'm wondering were these older filters possibly?

22 May, 2020 13:08
The Optolong L-Pro is my favourite filter for light pollution / contrast enhancement. I have been using it for 3 years by now, on any OSC imaging session, even on galaxies (see my Andromeda image). The L-Pro is quite weak, what's good because it does hardly mess around with the natural colors.

I won't use the L-Enhance, because I don't like the idea of  multi-bandpass filters. I use single bandpass filters for being able to control the results in post-processing.

So, for Ha, OII and SII or LRGB I use Baader filters.

22 May, 2020 14:14
I'm not an expert on RGB filters, but I've been happy with my Optolong RGB and Ha filters (I don't use a regular L filter due to light pollution and instead replace it with a broadband LP filter like the Chroma LoGlow). I'm going to be switching the Chroma LoGlow to my other rig soon and replacing it with an Optolong L-Pro that I recently got.

Some shots I've taken with the Optolong RGB set:
22 May, 2020 16:10
Edited 23 May, 2020 04:19
22 May, 2020 17:41
Thanks Sven & Chris, it seems from what I have searched that it depends somewhat on specific setups e.g what people have in their optical train such as coma correctors etc.

Great images Chris and gives me some confidence to go with the Optolongs, I'm on a budget so want to keep the cost down, I'll do some more searching before I buy.

22 May, 2020 20:40
Rob Johnson
Bruce can you point me to any references/images ? I found references re Optolong have improved their filters in the last couple of years, I'm wondering were these older filters possibly?Thanks,

There were a number of posts I read on CN that talked about this; so, this is only second hand as I stated I never used their RGB set.  Perhaps they are improved by now or just some disgruntled individuals.  I only mentioned it as I thought it important to at least alert you to confirm before you spend good money on them.   Again, my experience with Optolong L-Pro and L-eNhance filters is very good.
22 May, 2020 21:29
Thanks - I'm definitely happy with the ones I have. I have heard that older runs of the narrowband filters had reflections, but my 6.5 nm Ha definitely does not. I haven't had an opportunity to test the OIII and SII, unfortunately. It's on my wishlist though - I'd like to finally get a set of matching filters as I'm currently using four brands in one filter wheel and three in another. My focus offsets are annoyingly large.
22 May, 2020 22:10
New version works fine
Edited 22 May, 2020 22:13
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