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question about William optics adjustable Flat 73A for WO Z73

11 Aug, 2019 12:52
hi all,  i am having a bit of trouble finding an answer to this question. i have the wo z73 as well as the adjustable flattener for it. it says in the specs that the back adjust for the flattener is 11.4mm. My question is that is that measurement for the scope, or for dslr?.. since i am using a zwo 183mm.. i am unsure where to place the adjustment on the flattener.. i know the camera requires 55mm and i can cover that i just cannot find any info for the flattener part.  any help would be greatly appreciated. smile
19 Nov, 2019 20:40
I don't have the a specific answer, but I do have experience with a W.O. FLT 110 and W.O. AFR IV flattener.  On the flattener, there are numbers from 68 to 88 (i think, my scope is up at an observatory.  The distance from the back if the flattener to the sensor + the value on the flattener needs to add up to 123.5 mm.   I suggest you contact W.O. and see if there is an Iideal distance for your flattener.

24 Nov, 2019 17:55
I have the z73 also but using it with a ZWO asi178mmcamera.  This is the arrangement that I used:

ZWO ASI 178 Back Focus

The "filter" listed in the diagram is the zwo filter wheel, but a spacer replace it.  I've had good results with this setup. I am not sure if the asi 183 sensor spacing to the body is the same.


Edited 24 Nov, 2019 17:56
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