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Side by Side on my AP Mach 1 GTO?

15 Jul, 2019 16:58
I have a crazy idea, but one Ive thought a lot about.  I have a Televue NP 127is mounted on my AP Mach 1 GTO for imaging.  The setup works great and has for a long time.  As this is my only GEM Mount, I do some visual obs by setting up an alt-az rig with my Berliebach, DMQ6 and my Mewlon 180.  I like to observe the moon and planets visually and only use my TV 127 for DSOs.

I bought an ADM side by side dovetail system.  The plan is to mount my Mewlon 180 side by side with the NP127.  That way I can use my mount for both imaging when I have the itch, or for visual.  I can leave the imaging train set up as always and enjoy some visual, or, even while imaging I should be able to use the Mewlon for visual of the general region I am imaging.  I think my AP Mach 1 is perfectly capable of handling the weight, if I balance it properly.  Total weight is under 40lbs. and everyone talks about the Mach 1 being able to handle much more, even for imaging.

This may not work and I  haven't changed everything yet.  Does ANyone have any thoughts or comments on this crazy idea?  Thanks
15 Jul, 2019 19:03
Ok, I tried it.  I was unable to balance the rig, even with added counterweights.  Too bad, I was really hoping to use my mewlon on my mount and pier.  Instead I mounted an Astro-tech EDQ 65 on the side by side.  Ill try that tonight and see if I like it.
15 Jul, 2019 19:05

I have a Mach 1 but have not tried the side by side setup.  However, I can tell you that Roland from AP would give you a thumbs up based on comments he has made on the AP Yahoo sight.  He prefers that over piggybacking and I believe the Mach 1 is rated to handle a payload around 65 lbs, realizing  you do not want to hit that mark for imaging.   The only thing I heard was that side by side balancing is tricky.  I'd  be curious to hear how it goes if you try it.

16 Jul, 2019 18:06
Bruce, I was unable to get it balanced at all, even with five counterweights.  Very awkward with two 14-16 lbs scopes.  I think the Mach 1 would handle it, but without good balance its pointless. Oh well, I can still use the Mewlon on my Alt-Az DMQ6 for visual, no electricity required. smile
16 Jul, 2019 19:37
Ahhh… that stinks!  Well, you gave it a go and I have heard it is a nightmare to get it balanced.  Thanks for the update,  Jeff.
17 Jul, 2019 03:47
Do you have the standard CW shaft or the large one?
17 Jul, 2019 14:36
I only have the standard counterweight shaft.  Perhaps the larger shaft would make a difference!  I didn't want to spend a lot more money doing this, at least for now.  I am extremely happy with my Mach 1 GTO; it does exactly what it is designed and advertised to do for me.  Maybe a larger Astro Physics mount will be in my future.
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