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Star Adventurer Mini polar scope

03 Mar, 2017 12:36

While the manual states that the polar scope should be fully inserted to the SAM exposed hole (page 32), I can't push the scope far enough into that hole. I assume that the three bearings of the SAM hole should enter the groove of the polar scope, but I can't achieve that. Is this normal?
05 Mar, 2017 06:52
Their polarscoe is rubish. They didnt even put illumination in it…
09 Mar, 2017 12:11
Problem solved.

For future reference, here is how I did it. No special tools are needed; in a well-lit environment it can take less than 30 minutes. You need two screwdrivers and an Allen key. As always, take care not to loose any screws smile

  1. Remove the four screws which holds the plastic cover located at the USB port side.You may remove both covers for your convenience.
  2. Use an Allen key (I used the one provided with my photo tripod) to remove the two screws which holds the gear mechanism over the central tube.
  3. Loosen the two black screws on the opposite side to remove the gear mechanism.
  4. Now the central tube can be rotated and the three screws which control how deep the ball bearings go, can be conveniently placed for you to loosen them.
  5. Loosen them until you can fully insert the polar scope.
  6. Re-tighten the three screws in a symmetric manner until the polar scope rotates without play and be easily removed/inserted.
  7. Reinstall the gear mechanism and close the cover.
After these steps the polar scope can be fully inserted and there is no considerable play when you rotate it.

The good news is now I can easily confirm that my polar scope does not need calibration!
Edited 09 Mar, 2017 17:31
06 Dec, 2017 21:42
Maybe waking up a dormant thread, but I just want to say that there was no problem with those ball bearings on my Star Adventurer Mini. And to Alan's comment above, I just want to say I think the polar scope is good, and yes, it comes with illumination - not in it, but as an external thingy, which you can use when needed. So far very happy with the SAM.
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