This is my first posting.  l photo remotely using my tent trailer as my portable observatory for comfort on winter nights. l use a usb to cat6 powered hub that can handle my Canon T5 , ZWO camera and wireless mouse receiver. Now in the trailer my laptop is setup with the usb to cat6 transmitter using 50 feet of Cat6 running from trailer to telescope eq mount. l employ a vga splitter (usb powered) to run 50 feet again to scope eq mount. Beside the scope is a small automotive 12v  computer monitor with vga hook up. So control at the scope uses only a monitor and a wireless mouse. All programs that control scope and cameras can be accessed at camper or scope table 50 feet apart. I can enjoy a heated portable observatory with a bed in the dead of winter. I purchased the (AV USB to Cat6 extender) and vga splitter at Amazon for $65 and $30 respectively.