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Which mount?

17 Apr, 2018 21:29
What mount would you recommend for astrophotography, I was thinking either the ieq45 pro or skaywatcher eq6-r. In the future I plan to use two 80mm refractors. Currently, I have an 80mm refractor and an eq6 mount that is 15 years old.
17 Apr, 2018 23:04
Answer is,  the heaviest most expensive you can afford…

For example takahashi em 200. Paramount myt.

On the cheap side..   look at AZ eq6.
Edited 17 Apr, 2018 23:04
18 Apr, 2018 07:45
Two good choices.  Are you planning to mount both scopes at once?  That reduces tracking accuracy, weight matters,
even below capacity.
Edited 18 Apr, 2018 07:46
18 Apr, 2018 12:51
Yes, I am planning to use both scopes at once.
18 Apr, 2018 17:09
Ioptron CEM60 should do The job don’t bother with 45 …
18 Apr, 2018 18:20
The CEM60 is a little too expensive for me.
18 Apr, 2018 18:26
Then go for 45 but good enough for one 80mm scope, not for two of them smile … why do you need to load two at the same time anyway??
18 Apr, 2018 18:27
Because I most often soot from my balcony and I have tops 1h 30min of imaging time and if I had 2 scopes that would double.
18 Apr, 2018 19:14
:… if going to open area ( park or something) is in option… I would rather spend some money on the batteries than second set up gear ( telescope and camera filters etc.)open area better star alignment?
Edited 18 Apr, 2018 19:16
18 Apr, 2018 19:16
:… if going to open area ( park or something) is in option

Yes, that is an option.
18 Apr, 2018 19:24
There you go Peter smile … don’t spend your money on second identical gears setup…. that’s crazy smile … all the best
19 Apr, 2018 01:34
Because I most often soot from my balcony and I have tops 1h 30min of imaging time and if I had 2 scopes that would double.

Get one scope, one camera, and one mount.  Get that working first.  Then consider if you want to add a second.
You'll have experience tracking, can see how difficult it is.
09 Jun, 2018 23:58
Hi guys. I also had doubts about the equipment and, after evaluating, I bought a Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Equatorial GoTo mount and Sky-Watcher 10 " f/3.94 Quattro Imaging Newtonian Telescope. I'll start with a Canon camera (B&H).
11 Jun, 2018 22:06
Well I own both an IEQ45 Pro and a NEQ6-Pro hypertuned with the rowan belt mod.

The IEQ45 Pro has worked 100% without issue right out of the box. As in, ASCOM drivers and iOptron commander connecting in windows, connecting mount to SGP, and sub arc second pulse auto guiding. The pointing accuracy has also been excellent, but I use a polemaster. I love the size and weight of the IEQ45 for portability. The polar scope is better than the NEQ6 as well. The NEQ6 (0.6-0.7" RMS) does guide slightly better than the IEQ45 Pro (0.7-0.9" RMS) but the NEQ6 is DarkFrame hypertuned with the upgraded precision worm. I really like that I can convert the IEQ45 to Az because I enjoy visual and have a 200mm newtonian I can use with it. That may not matter to you.

I think most of the time, NEQ6-R will be better than the IEQ45 Pro. I would keep the total weight to 30 lb or less for the IEQ45 and if using a larger/longer OTA like a 5" refractor or 8" newt the NEQ6-R would probably be the better choice. For the 80mm refractor, both will not even notice it ; )  I'd probably go with the iOptron in that case.
Edited 11 Jun, 2018 22:09
14 Jun, 2018 19:11
Go with AZ-EQ6
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