WIFI worth using or not.

19 Apr, 2018 15:07
Thinking of setting up my  Orion EQ-g mount I use for astro photos,  to run wifi on it. I'm not sure if it's worth it or not. And if I do what is a good one to get. Thanks Eric….
20 Apr, 2018 16:01
If you’re going to be using it for visual work and intend to hop around several targets with something like Sky Safari, then why not?  I don’t see any advantage for imaging though.
20 Apr, 2018 16:40

In my opinion, it is worth it really only if you plan to use the setup to image from different sites.  After a while it becomes tedious to input the location coordinates into the mount every time you go from home to a dark site and a GPS takes that step and automates it.  If you don't plan to image from other locations, or do so infrequently, it's probably not worth it.

24 Apr, 2018 11:57
Thank you for your feedback, I'm going to hold off for now and use that money for a new mount.

24 Apr, 2018 15:40
From my own experience: not worth it for imaging. Lan connection is much better.
02 May, 2018 22:04
you can use a 100ft max Ethernet cable without any issues ..
for long cable I get a few old 3 metre cables and just join them together in middle ~ works great
so cut 1 end off of 2 cables and both ends off of 1 cable = 9m .. 27feet
use electrical tape to protect smile

inside cable are 4 pairs twisted
Edited 02 May, 2018 22:06
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