William Optics and Fuji Camera compatibility

04 Apr, 2018 03:03
Hi, I have a Fujifilm XT20 and I wanted to use my camera for deep sky astrophotography. I'm planning to acquire a William Optics telescope, maybe a ZS61 or 73, but I am not sure how I can connect it to my Fuji camera. I know  WO telescopes only has adapters and t-rings for Nikon and Canon. Is there a way I can use my camera with the WO telescope? I've seen images here using the WO and Fuji combo, and I'd love to know how you do it. smile What particular adapter and t-ring do I need to buy? Also, will the ZS73 work with my mirrorless apsc camera? Based from the specs, it's for full-frame cameras.

I'm thinking I should buy an EOS to X mount adapter, then use the 48mm T mount for Canon so I  can attach my Fuji camera to the WO telescope. Will this set-up work?

I'm still a noob when it comes to astrophotography and still have a lot to learn and what better way to learn than to ask questions from seasoned and more experienced astrophotographers. Thank you in advance! smile
Edited 04 Apr, 2018 03:43
05 Apr, 2018 09:50
https://www.telescopeadapters.com/165-fuji  Hello YaniMaravillo this is who supplied  mine for X-M1. I also got a chinese one for my T20 but it was rubbish. Hope this helps .
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