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ZWO 183 MC Pro question

09 Oct, 2019 19:08

I`ve recently acquired a ZWO 183 MC Pro. I image under Bortle 6 skies, not great but certainly useable. I`m also using the Skytech L Pro filter. I`ve yet to use it but i`m wondering if anyone else is using the same camera?
I have a Samyang 135 mm f 2 ED UC lens / A TS 65 Quad / Borg 60 ED f4.1 astrograph. Does anyone care to share there settings? Gain / Offset?

Clear skies
Edited 09 Oct, 2019 19:09
10 Oct, 2019 00:14
Hello Alan

I smile Have the same camera, Captured NGC7380 on Monday. Just remember to get Darks, Flats, and Bias before Processing or a not to good picture you will have..

Good Luck and Clear Skies
10 Oct, 2019 10:16
Hey Alan,

I have the monochrome version of the same camera for a while now. When it comes to settings, there's 2 things you need to be aware of:
  • banding artifacts at low gain
  • amp glow at medium-high gain
Most of the time I use unity gain (111) with default offset. Half unity (54) and double unity (178 )  and anything in between work fine too, but above that you lose too much dynamic range for DSO work and the amp glow becomes difficult to manage quickly, below that the banding becomes a problem (I had to throw away a night's worth of data because I accidentally set gain to 0, and it was just too horrible to fix up in post)

finally, because of the amp glow is very nonlinear, do NOT scale/optimize your darks. That includes calibrating your flats with bias and scaled versions of the masterdark. Instead capture dark flats, you don't need bias anymore then (note: this is generic advice for most cameras with strong glow, I use the same process for my ASI294MC).

Edited 10 Oct, 2019 10:17
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