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All my raw files are (or will be) public online

16 Oct, 2017 17:55
Hi everyone,

I decide to publicly release all my astrophotographic raw files. Everyone can freely download the files (but not for unlimited usage). The first batch of files are those taken with various Canon 5D2. The raw files and the documentation can be found here:

Please start with the read me file. It contains the basic info about the data and terms and conditions.

The next batch of raw files to be released are those taken with 16803 and A7R, likely within weeks. Images taken with other cameras will be released early next year.

16 Oct, 2017 18:28
From one that is still learning to post process, Thank You.  I have been practicing with data from and welcome other data to practice with before I make the next step with better equipment.
17 Oct, 2017 00:49
Having been watching your photos for a while Wei-Hao, it’s going to be some very good data to play with.

With the perpetual cloud cover down here I am in need of new data to play with haha
17 Oct, 2017 09:03
thank you!

17 Oct, 2017 09:24
Thank you! Looks very interesting and great material to practice!
17 Oct, 2017 17:10
Thanks a lot Wei-Hao
19 Oct, 2017 02:35
Just to let you know that my A7R files are online now.

16803 is the next.
21 Oct, 2017 14:39
Wei-Hao, thank you very much.
21 Oct, 2017 16:14
Thanks!!!!!!! smilesmilesmile
13 Dec, 2017 09:29
Images taken with Apogee F16M CCD are added. I do not particularly like this camera though. Maybe it's just my poor processing skill.
13 Dec, 2017 09:37
Thanks Wei-Hao!
13 Dec, 2017 22:00
Is it the KAF-16803 sensor you’re not impressed with or just the Apogee?
14 Dec, 2017 01:14
All KAF/KAI CCD in general.  The read noise (>10 e) is just too large comparing to CMOS (< 3 e).
Edited 14 Dec, 2017 02:59
14 Dec, 2017 16:43
What a generous gesture! Thank you, Wei-Hao.
14 Dec, 2017 17:59
Wow, this is great!
Edited 14 Dec, 2017 18:10
14 Dec, 2017 21:35
Outstanding, thank you Wei-Hao!
04 Jan, 2018 07:10
ALOHA.  My D800/D810A raw images are uploaded now.  Most of my recent important works are based on D800.  So you will find many interesting files.  Some very high quality raw files even haven't been processed/published by me.  Good luck digging them out.  smile
04 Jan, 2018 07:16
Thanks a lot Wei-Hao! Cheers. Roberto
15 Feb, 2018 04:07
My Pentax 645z files are there now.  This concludes this wave of upload.

In early 2019, I will upload all my raw files taken in 2017.
16 Feb, 2018 19:30
Thank you!
20 Feb, 2018 11:39
Thank you, I need more practice files while the weather is bad
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