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I agree


29 Jun, 2019 18:47
WOW, this is just so GREAT: Everybody can start his own contest. So here is mine: Everything can be put into this contest, as long as the picture is made from my backyard! Finally I can win a contest! I am so exited!!! Salvatore, will you provide a batch? Please, please will you???
29 Jun, 2019 18:59

Could send directions to your yard please?  This is my chance! I bring snacks!


29 Jun, 2019 20:07
LOL Fritz !! Im little sad this weekend, but you got to put some smile in my face! :-)

Id say that it will be a honor going to your backyard as well… its the way to have a chance at your challenge, and I thought to make some barbecue … Id bring some "Southern Hemisphere" Astro top sirloin cap (picanha), but wait…smoke and telescopes doesnt match…would ruin your contest!!

Anyway, good luck my friend !!!  smilesmile
29 Jun, 2019 23:41
I will also join you, Fritz, a bottle of vodka from me smile
30 Jun, 2019 00:26
Are your skies dark? I need dark skies smile
30 Jun, 2019 02:22
Sounds like the rules are rigged.  People who are located in your country (whatever that is) have an unfair advantage.    smile
30 Jun, 2019 05:38
Closing this joke topic because OP obviously missed my comment on the other contest thread. Bears repeating:

Salvatore Iovene
Just a short intromission from my part, to clarify things. Rodd asked for permission to use the forums to coordinate his contest(s), and I approved because I don't think I should arbiter what anyone can or cannot say on the AstroBin forums, so long as they are respectful and decent to each other, and of course the topic astrophotography or close enough.AstroBin is a platform, a mean of communication, and my philosophy is to keep it as open as possible.Having said that, AstroBin does not officially endorse third party contests. Insert some legalese here, I'm not a lawyer.
This topic was closed by a moderator.